RFID and Sensor Networks (Architectures, Protocols, Security and Integrations)

نام کتاب: RFID and Sensor Networks

مؤلفان: Yan Zhang, Laurence T.Yang, Jiming Chen

ناشر: CRC Press

سال انتشار: ۲۰۱۰

شابک (ISBN): 978-1-4200-7777-3

قیمت: ۹۶$

مقدمه کتاب:

RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures, Protocols, Security, and Integrations provides a comprehensive technical guide covering introductory concepts; fundamental techniques; recent advances; and open issues in RFID, WSNs, and integrated RFID and ix x  Preface WSNs. This book contains illustrative figures and allows for complete cross-referencing. It also details information on the particular techniques for efficiently improving the performance of a RFID and a sensor network, and their integration. This book is organized into three parts:

  •  Part I: RFID
  •  Part II: Wireless Sensor Networks
  •  Part III: Integrated RFID and Sensor Networks

Part I introduces the fundamentals and principles of RFID. This part provides readers with a knowledge of RFID, e.g., tags, readers, middleware, security, and services. Part II introduces the fundamentals and principles of WSNs. This part provides readers with a knowledge of WSNs, e.g., routing, medium access control, localization, clustering, mobility, security, and cross-layer  optimization. Part III explores the principles and the applications of integrated RFID and WSNs. This book has the following salient features:  Serves as a comprehensive and essential reference on RFID, WSNs, and integrated RFID and WSNs  Covers basics, a broad range of topics, and future development directions  Introduces architectures, protocols, standards, security, and applications
 Assists professionals, engineers, students, and researchers to understand RFID and WSNs  Provides a unique content on integrated RFID and WSNs This book can serve as a useful reference for students, educators, research strategists, scientists, researchers, and engineers in the field of wireless communications and networking. In particular, this book has an instant appeal to students, researchers, developers, and consultants in developing RFID, WSNs, and integrated RFID and WSNs.


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