CWAP (Official Study Guide)

BookCoverنام کتاب: SWAP: Certified Wireless Analysis Professional™ Official Study Guide

مؤلفان: Devin Akin, Jim Geier

ناشر: McGraw-Hill/Osborne, Planet3 Wireless

سال چاپ: ۲۰۰۴

شابک (ISBN): 0-07-225585-4

قیمت: ۴۸٫۳۰$

مقدمه کتاب:

This official CWAP Study Guide is written for two purposes. First, the book is your indispensable resource for understanding the MAC & PHY frame formatting and frame exchange processes behind every 802.11 wireless LAN. In other words, you can memorize the 802.11 standard, as well as every addition and amendment to that standard, or you can make the CWAP Study Guide a permanent part of your network analysis toolkit. Second, the book is the official self-study resource for helping you prepare for the CWAP exam (PW0-205). If you are pursuing the CWAP certification, you are required to pass the CWNA exam as a pre-requisite. The knowledge that you will acquire through achievement of the CWNA certification will serve as the foundation for learning what has been called, “the most technically advanced” subject matter currently taught in the IT industry. If you are reading this book, then you undoubtedly have either a solid knowledge of network analysis and are now endeavoring to take on the wireless end of that trade, or you have earned your CWNA (and possibly also CWSP) certification and are ready to take on the next challenge in your wireless LAN-focused career. Whichever description is more accurate, the outcome will be the same. You will learn more about the technologies that drive 802.11 wireless LANs than you have ever seen before. In addition, you have begun the process of setting yourself further apart from the rest of the IT industry by pushing yourself to learn some of the most complex and technically challenging information in all of IT. Your study of wireless LAN analysis will enable you to troubleshoot any wireless LAN scenario, improve the performance of any wireless LAN, and add a whole new dimension to your ability to secure a wireless LAN. Furthermore, because the CWAP curriculum and exam are supported by the industry’s leading wireless LAN analysis software makers, you will also have a thorough understanding of how to use all of the leading wireless LAN analysis software, which software is most appropriate for your organization, and which software is best for any given situation. As a wireless LAN analyst, these skills will make you more valuable to your organization and to your clients.


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