Building A Sisco Wireless LAN

BookCoverنام کتاب: Building A Sisco Wireless LAN

مؤلفان: Eric Ouellet , Robert Padjen, Arthur Pfund, Ron Fuller (Technical Editor), Tim Blankenship (Technical Editor)

ناشر: Syngress Publishing, Inc.

سال چاپ: ۲۰۰۲

شابک (ISBN): 192899458

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Wireless local area networks (WLANs) can be employed to provide network connectivity almost anywhere. Consider the cost savings from not having to run network cable to every possible location that could have a computer or network device connected to it. Consider the convenience of a wireless-enabled conference room. Imagine the increase in accuracy of a medical professional’s data entered directly into a tablet computer during his rounds through the WLAN instead of transcribed from a clipboard at a central workstation. Conference rooms, warehouses, indoor and outdoor public access areas, and hospitals are all suitable locations for WLANs. Unfettered access to the network, regardless of physical location, or traditional cable distance limitations is one of the primary drivers for WLANs. Where can you fit WLANs into your existing infrastructure? Just about anywhere you like.WLANs allow network designers to no longer be constrained by the 100m distance limitation for Category 5 copper cabling. Because WLANs use radio frequency (RF) signals to communicate, users can stay connected to the network almost anywhere.
Many companies are merging WLANs into their traditional wired networks to provide connectivity to the network to large numbers of users. Conference rooms are a great place to start considering wireless in your network.The cost of wiring a conference room and maintaining the hardware required to keep those wired jacks “hot” can be prohibitive. Conference rooms are used for “chalk talk” design sessions, application development sessions, and training. By using WLANs, the need for multiple data jacks in a conference room can be eliminated. A single antenna connected to a WLAN access point (AP) can support many users. Warehouse applications are also prime candidates for WLAN. Real-time inventory control can be implemented using wireless. Imagine having your inventory
control software connected to mobile devices on the warehouse floor tracking inventory as it fluctuates during the course of a day.WLANs can be a very important business driver, enabling a company to gain a competitive advantage. Hospital bedside access is also a popular application for WLANs.The ability for a hospital staff member to check in a patient at bedside rather than waiting in line at an admissions desk is much more efficient. Bedside access can also enable a doctor to write a prescription or check medical records on a patient instantaneously.


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